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Aerial hoop is a hoop that is suspended in the air which performers can move there bodies around making shapes either inside, on top or underneath the hoop.

As a beginner this class focuses on conditioning on the hoop and learning the core techniques you need to feel comfortable inside the hoop. You will learn the foundations to gain strength in the backs of the knees, elbows and hand grip.

As an intermediate/ advanced student you will learn more dynamic combinations, linking movements together, rolls and drops.

Aerial hoop is a full body workout that is fun and enjoyable. Incorporating dance and circus all in one.

No matter what level you are at there will always be something new and challenging you can learn.

Please make sure you wear tight fitting clothing. Leggings and a fitted top would be suitable.

This class is lead in bare feet so no shoes are necessary and all jewellery should be removed.

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Beginner Aerial Hoop
  • £9.00
Intermediate Aerial Hoop
  • £9.00
Mixed Ability Aerial
  • £9.00
Beginner Aerial
  • £9.00
Advanced Youth Aerial
  • £12.00
Adults Monthly Membership
  • £110.00
Advanced Youth Show Prep
  • £10.00