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Aerial silks (also known as, aerial ribbons, aerial tissues, fabric, ribbon, or tissue, depending on personal preference)is a type of skill in which one or more artists can suspend from the ceiling on a piece of material in which performers climb, wrap, pose and drop.

As a beginner this class focuses on building strength and working on developing technical skill and movement. You will learn the basic wraps and poses from low down to start, then we will progress to higher levels once you are at the standard to hold your own body weight and safely execute movement.

As an intermediate & advanced student you will start training drops and combinations with movements that require a little more strength and control. You will not only work on single moves but we will put sequences together to create small combinations and routines to build stamina and fluidity in the air.

At the Jewels Academy we love you to add your own flair and creativity into anything we teach, so once you are at a more advanced level we will adapt a more creative style to your training where you can play with different ways of getting in and out of material we teach you, and being a lot more diverse with your movement.
Aerial silks is an all over body workout which is perfect for toning, flexibility, core strength and upper body strength.
Please make sure you wear tight fitting clothing. Leggings and a fitted top would be suitable.

This class is lead in bare feet so no shoes are necessary and all jewellery should be removed.

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Beginner Aerial Silks
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Intermediate Aerial Silks
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Mixed Ability Aerial
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Beginner Aerial
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Advanced Youth Aerial
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Adults Monthly Membership
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Advanced Youth Show Prep
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