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Pole fitness is a very popular class and has really grown in the fitness industry to be one of the best forms of exercise. It is a full body workout incorporating dance, gymnastics and strength based moves on a chrome pole. Our poles are 45mm thick and 4.2m high. They can be set to static or spin.

There is so much to learn in pole from pretty spins, flow, strength based moves, drops, inversions and Combos.


In all of our classes you will be taken from the very first steps to build up strength and agility before moving on to more advanced variations. There is always something new to learn in pole fitness, the creativity of the art form never ends.


It is amazing how quickly your body adapts and strengthens up over time with this full body workout, improving muscle tone, flexibility, coordination, posture, upper body and core strength.


We also offer private sessions. Click here for more information.


When attending pole fitness classes it is important to not use moisturiser on the days of your training. This can make it hard for you to grip to the pole and dangerous for other students.


Please ensure all jewellery is removed and fitted clothing is worn.  It is advised to wear elasticated shorts and vest or crop top. No shoes are required as the class will be taught in bare feet.

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Beginner Pole Fitness
  • £9.00
Intermediate Pole
  • £9.00
Adults Monthly Membership
  • £110.00
Mixed ability pole fitness
  • £9.00
Pole Heels
  • £9.00
Advanced Youth Show Prep
  • £10.00