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Aerial yoga is a great class for everybody. We only offer our Aerial Yoga sessions' 1 to 1. 
The whole class will be lead in aerial hammocks suspended from the ceiling. 
It consists of a mixture of conditioning and relaxation so you feel like you have worked hard but leave feeling relaxed and replenished.
The hammock helps to support the weight of our bodies, helping us achieve various postures with more depth, ease and excitement.
It is a combination of acrobatic arts and anti-Gravity Asana. It is a practice that can help you find more length in your spine and safe alignment in your poses.
Aerial yoga has many physical benefits, including spinal decompression, pain relief , ease in inversions and other challenging poses.
This is a great class to also take along side any other aerial arts or pole fitness classes to help improve strength and flexibility in the air.
Please make sure you wear tight fitting clothing. Leggings and a fitted top would be suitable.
This class is lead in bare feet so no shoes are necessary and all jewellery should be removed.

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Adults Monthly Membership
  • £110.00
Advanced Youth Show Prep
  • £10.00