Paige Hollyoak

In 2014 I began my aerial and pole journey aged 11 wanting to try something new as a hobby. But straight away after my first lesson I knew this is what I wanted to make into a career.

I had always been interested in performing in both Circus and Musical Theatre encouraging me to pursue my passion as a career. From the age of 12 I began training very seriously in aerial and pole hoping to achieve the impossible and pushing myself to the extremes. From this I have achieved so much including winning The UK Aerial Performance Championships in the Amateur category and Overall Amateur for the day in 2019 and the International Pole and Aerial Tournament (IPAAT) in the advanced pole category in 2020.

I also have several other achievements outside of my passion including BTEC Student of the year award 2019 (winning silver) and achieving both my bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh Award in 2018 and 2019.

I began studying A Level 3 Extended Diploma in Musical Theatre studying a huge amount of aspects including ballet, jazz, tap, acting and singing. In the first year of my course I achieved D*D* and I am on the way to achieve D*D*D for the whole course. During my studies I have been able to continue my intense training and have been lucky enough to travel to a huge number of places performing professionally around the country.