Adele Cliffe

Adele attended The Jewels Academy since our open day in January 2018, and with dedication to her training she has become a multi-disciplined Aerialist who now holds competition titles such as 1st Place in Amateur Silks at the 2019 Midlands Aerial Performance Championship, and 5th overall in the UK for Professional & Instructor Doubles on Silks at last years 2020 UK Aerial Performance Championship.

Before this she had a background in several years of Pole dancing, but her passion for all things Aerial led her to pursuing Silks and Lyra too, enjoying competing and performing on each apparatus for the past three years. She has been instructing here at The Jewels Academy since July 2019 and is now a full time Aerialist and Instructor, dedicating all her time to training, exploring and teaching in the air, and even making her own costumes for herself and her fellow dancers' performances!

Adele loves keeping active and does outdoor water sports and rock climbing in her spare time, and is even qualified as a BMC Bouldering Coach too, as well as studying for her Level 2 Fitness Instructor course and Level 3 Personal Training, so she always loves to keep her students on top form with her conditioning drills! She also loves choreographing routines for competitions and performances, for herself and also her students, leading to some of her students earning places as IPAAT Semi-Finalists in 2020.